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#10 Year Challenge: A picture with an extraordinary tale

When #10 year challenge is the newest wrinkle of the social world, I found my inspiration adding six extra years to it to hold the challenge apt for me.

Inspiration comes suddenly and is hard to come by. You will have to keep your senses receptive to take it where you find it.


While I was rummaging through my closet to find a little ‘pen drive’, I understood my messy closet needs an urgent cleaning.

It generally takes ‘double the time’ as I check out each stuff kept in it and I think, it happens with almost everyone, especially when your glance falls on the photo album with a collection of all the old photographs.

Suddenly the recent craze of the #10 year challenge came as a reminder. I started looking for any photo of mine from 10 years ago, completely forgetting the fact that in the days of smartphones and social media, one stores the pics in the phone and uploads on social media.

So, the latest I could find from the album was my pic 16 years back.


It is said that every picture has a story to tell and this photograph of mine had an extraordinary tale to tell.


The girl in the picture has chronic renal failure. She is on dialysis and not sure when her kidney transplant will be done.

She doesn’t know whether she would be able to survive and if she survives, will life be healthier, happy and normal?

A 5 ft 6 inches thin frame with a mere 38 kg, whose disease was eating up her body but could not fade her smile and staying power. She was certain of the approaching uncertainties and was ready to face them.

And this is what forced me to look at my own pic in awe- an unfading smile in the overwhelming adverse conditions.

At that time, my haemoglobin level was 4.5gm/dl (normal range is 12 to 15gm/dl)

How the doctor asked me surprisingly, ” How can you stand for so long?”

Though I just gave a smile, I knew the answer within. “ My faith in God, willpower and practical outlook.” I confidently second the notion- A strong mind is far more important than a strong body.

And after almost 16 years of kidney transplant, it still keeps me going.


What would you call such a person?




My perception would be NO…

Not a survivor because I was not keen to survive. I accepted the fate.

Not a fighter because I don’t have enmity with life’s rules. If you are living, you will have to abide by the rules of nature.

Not a winner because no one can compete with life. Try to show this attitude to life once-“See, I have won” and it will say, ”Wait! I am coming up with the new series.”


Call such a person ‘LIVER’ because such a person lives his life fully till he/she dies.

Call such a person ‘OBSERVER’ who has observed hard days coming his/her way, has observed his/her acceptance to the fate and now observing herself walking with life, joining hands, as long as life hands it over to the ‘divine angel’.

 And as far as the comparison between these two pics is concerned :

One has the determination and confidence to pass through a rough phase with a smile and the other stands witness to that belief and also thankful to God beyond words.

I don’t intend to boast even through a single word. My only intention is to motivate and to inspire- to live a lesson instead of learning it.

You only forget what you learn but you never forget what you understand. Life’s lessons are such. Try living the lessons of life and you will find vitality and affirmation from the divine forces that you are on the right path.

Happy living.

Simply Priyanka

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9 thoughts on “#10 Year Challenge: A picture with an extraordinary tale”

  1. I am the live observer of your journey of this 16 years.
    You were always a achiever, winner, and LIVER and you are shining more to your qualities with time.
    Unknowingly but you have become role model of many.
    Keep shining

  2. U r my biggest inspiration I have seen u always smiling in these 16 years.. I want to be like u in handling situations… Loads of love 😘

  3. Such a lively post from the person I admire from the core of my heart. So much impressed by your words ,”A strong mind is far more important than a stong body ”
    The article contains lots of substance and message apart from beautiful writing style.
    Too good, too rich.
    Best wishes Di
    Suresh Bhutra

  4. You are a motivator, inspirer, and a real teacher who, unknowingly though, has been teaching lessons to many as how to live a life.
    Truly, we are proud of you, priyanka. God bless you with all the happiness & sound health

  5. No words to praise the real story of a strong personality.An iron lady who came out bravely from.. all the difficult hurdles of the life. My heartiest salute to a good human being,a good teacher,a good social worker and a good fighter…. PRIYANKA.

  6. प्रियंका दी, आपका आर्टिकल पढ़ कर ऐसी अनुभूति हो रही है जैसे कि मैं कोई दार्शनिक को पढ़ रही हूं। अपने आप को अनुभव करना ये कमाल है, अपनी निजता को अपने से अलग हो कर निहारना एक बहुत बड़ी उपलब्धि है। आप बहुत ऊपर चुकी हैं, हमें गर्व महसूस हो रहा है कि हम आप जैसी जुझारू, सुलझे व्यक्तित्व से जुड़े हुए हैं।


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