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111 things to be grateful for everyday (which you take for granted)

People are seen complaining about the smallest things which are actually insignificant. We keep waiting for the big moments of happiness or the desirable things to be grateful for. In the process, we completely forget to show our gratitude for the hundreds of valuable little treasures we have.

Tell me, When was the last time you thanked God for something? When did you count your blessings?

Showing gratitude is a virtue which makes us empathetic, thankful and polite. It is a habit which should be inculcated in a child as early as possible.

Here is a guide to recall 111 such things from the list of thousands of things which one should be thankful for. The list reminds us of the unlimited possibilities this world offers to every being. If we are grateful, we can see and feel the joy of these offerings.

111 things to be grateful for

1. Your health : Even if you are suffering from any disease, be thankful for the organs which work efficiently.

2. Your parents : For instilling great values and sense of judgment in you. Their unconditional love, support, and care is matchless.

3. Your loved ones’ good health : to see them healthy is the biggest relief.

4. Clean drinking water : and in adequate quantity. Some are dying due to scarcity.

5. Having friends in the office or in the workplace.

6. Electricity : Imagine the condition of people living in the remotest areas without electricity.

7. That You are alive : that means you still have time to prove yourself and achieve your goals.

8. Loving and loyal friends who always support you : The family which we choose.

9. The adversities you have experienced : That made you a stronger person.

10. The clean surroundings: Clutter in surroundings will clutter your mind.

11. Access to social media network : You are now connected with your distant and estranged friends.

12. All the people whether good or bad who have come in your life : Each has given you a life lesson.

13. The rains: Without rain nothing grows.

14. The Sunshine : the natural energy booster.

15. The Greenery: They have the power to improve the quality of life.

16. The air we breathe in : Be thankful that it is still considerably pure.

17. A good doctor : If you have found one, consider yourself to be amongst the luckiest ones.

18. Having found a good teacher for your children.

19. Access to the latest health treatments.

20. A good night sleep : Some people struggle to get even an hour’s sleep.

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21. Ability to eat whatever you like : few cannot afford it and few have been restricted by their doctors.

22. Nice clean clothes to wear : Did I mention unshredded?

23. Your education.

24. Different types of natural healing music to calm your mind : sea waves, chirping of birds, sound of rain – to name few.

25. To be able to wake up in the morning and see the new day : Because many die in their sleep and with them die all their future goals and desires.

26. The opportunity to read this list of gratitude : This will remind you of the things which you have now but you don’t value them as much as they should be.

27. That you have more than one reason to feel happy.

28. To be able to see your loved ones every day when you wake up.

29. The beauty of nature : Nature has miraculous healing power. When nothing is right, we tend to gain repose in nature.

30. The ability to do your daily chores on your own and not having to be dependent on others.

31. Laughter (especially the uncontrollable one ): We all know, it’s the best medicine for all the ailments.

32. That you possess the ability to keep your calm when there are unlimited occasions to give you stress, anxiety, and depression.

33. Having a good memory : Just think about the Alzheimer’s patients once, who don’t recognize their loved ones.

34.  To perceive through all your sense organs : Can you imagine your life with the working disorder of even one?

35. Being a citizen of that country which you love the most.

36. The leisure time, which you still get to rest in the chaos of life.

37. Good, helping and like-minded neighbor.

38. Loving and understanding spouse.

39. That you have an aim for your life : What is a life without an aim?

40. You still have hair on your head and teeth in your mouth : You don’t have to wear any artificial wig or denture.

41. That one person(at least) who can make you smile anytime in any situation.

42. The maid/household help who assist you and let you concentrate on your work.

43. Your kids : That they are obedient and respect you and also for making your life worthwhile.

44. Your mistakes: because every mistake helped you grow.

45. The mentors in your life in the form of parents, grandparents, teachers, friends.

46. Your work or job: Someone is trying too hard to get to the position where you are.

47. Your heartbreaks: They showed you a different perspective of people and also taught you to bounce back.

48. The rights and privileges you enjoy as a citizen of your country.

49. Your name: You have an identity in this world. This is what you actually aim to make renowned ..right?

50. Your medicines: your life-supporters.

51. The ability to go to the washroom and not being served a bed-pan.

52. Tears to help you express your emotions and unburden your heart.

53. All sorts of transport facilities to make life easier.

54. Movies : They take you to that beautiful world, where your imaginations turn into reality. You forget every problem of your life and live those hours fully.

55. Music which lifts up your spirit.

56. Your critics: they show you your flaws and give you an opportunity to be better.

57. Morning tea or coffee: The stimulants to kick off the day with a bang.

58. All the small moments of life which gave you happiness but went unnoticed.


59. Having enough money to spend on necessities.

60. That friend who cracks jokes and makes a place lively all the time.

61. The me time (whenever you get) to listen and talk to your inner self.

62. The birthday wishes you get from your loved ones.

63. Having something for savings.

64. That you have a home : a roof over your head.

65. The food in your plate and stomach : That means you are not going to sleep hungry today.

66. The occasional holidays you get – whether the Sundays or the other ones.

67. Your faith, your religion.

68. The messages saying just a ‘Hi’ or asking ‘how are you’ or ‘what you did the whole day’ – which shows they care.

69. The different traditional festivals to celebrate.

70. For the unseen hands of God taking care of you and your work.

71. Getting an opportunity to help others.

72. Getting the opportunity to visit a place you always wanted to.

73. The power of your mind to understand, observe and evaluate.

74. Having green space outside your house to have a morning or after-dinner walk.

75.  For growing old: It is adding experience and maturity to your personality.

76. To be able to have a good posture to sit and stand straight.

77. All those persons who have forgiven you for your mistakes – whether small or big.

78. Today : Because it is in your hands. That means you have chance to go one step closer to your goals. Past is gone and the future is obscure.

79. Our armed forces : They are protecting you while you sleep and live peacefully.

80. Our politicians : Good or bad; corrupted or honest; at least they have taken the decision to work for the country – a full-time job.

81. Access to the emergency helpline numbers. (and for their immediate help, but of course)

82. Youtube and Google for all the ready to hand information, lessons and courses for free.


83. The smartphone you have : It does so much more than just calling someone.

84. Ability to have a video chat.

85. The sunrise: A reminder that there is always a new beginning after an end.

86. The sunset: which reminds us every day should have a beautiful close/ending.

87. That loyal and honest people are still in majority in this world.

88. The universe which has changed every thought of yours into reality and will continue to do so. The only thing required is.. positive thinking from your part.

89. That there are few people who look up to you and find you as an inspiration.

90. The present situation of yours : You have faced worse situations before.

91. The genes you have inherited from your parents.

92. The opportunity to spend a part of your life with your grandparents.

93. Having found a lifetime love : your soul-mate.

94. Your school for providing the best learning experience and everlasting memories.

95. All the books you got to read and also the authors: They have made you wise and matured person.

96. Your enemies: They keep you on your toes and mindful of everything you do.

97. All the strangers who smiled at you for no reason or helped you when you least expected.

98. The pain : Whether Physical or Mental pain, they make you stronger.

99. Each internal organ of your body individually for working incessantly for you.

100. The ability and opportunity to work from home.

101. The weekends: They charge you up for the coming weekdays.

102. Having warm clothes in winter: Many die every year because of the bitter cold.

103. Having an air conditioner to relieve you of hot summers.

104. The ability to buy things you like.

105. Your family traditions and values handed down to you.

106. Online Shopping : It has truly made life a lot easier.

107. A day passed peacefully without any bad news.

108. All the animals for providing comfort for you and also for balancing the ecosystem.

109. The sincere appreciation of others even when you lose.

110.  Your power of imagination: You can live your future, alter your past, see yourself achieving your goal within your imagination.

111. God : Last but the most important, because without him nothing of all these would have been possible.

Make a list of the things you are thankful for or keep a gratitude journal and write 5 such things daily. You will notice that as you write, read and repeat, your happiness and peace of mind will elevate.

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There are innumerable such moments and things which go unnoticed. If I ask you 3 such things which you are grateful for – what will it be? Let me know n the comment section below. I would love to read your list.

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