About me

priyanka-kabra-bloggerAbout Me:

Hello all,

I am Priyanka. I must say it’s really very difficult to write about your own self … but then who knows, it will be a kind of revelation for me too…about myself.

Well, I am a teacher by profession and also give some focussed time to social work.

Besides interacting with my students, I have some other passions too, viz : listening to music, designing dresses, making crazy DIY projects, writing poetries.

Honestly, I have always been a selective reader and never thought of this mode of interaction.  But, Life is so unpredictable. It has brought me such circumstances that I started giving vent to my thoughts in words. A beautiful consequence of which is, now I am also a small part of this big blogging world.

About ‘Simply Myself’ :

As the name suggests, it is purely me, my thoughts and emotions poured out in words. It comprises my perspective towards life, whether earnest, funny or sarcastic depending on the artistic temperament.

My artistic instinct will also force me to share some of my works of passions too.

To conclude, main aim of this blog is to polish myself as a better writer, interactor and a better human being. In the process of nurturing my soul if  my thoughts can put smile on someone’s face even for a few moments ,or could change someone’s life even with a fraction or can help anyone in any way….that would be an extra dose of happiness to me.

Wish me luck…stay blessed…Keep reading.