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The Scar – Physical Scar

I have written this poem – Scar , after my kidney transplant. Through this poem I want to spread only one message .

Your imperfections are what make you truly beautiful.

These imperfections have made me stronger, courageous who can take any challenge of life head on. I wish everyone get the same strength and courage amidst the adversities. Enjoy the beautiful poetry straight from my heart.

Part 1

A Physical scar 

Yes I have a scar – A physical scar.

I didn’t like it for its unsightly show;

It has downed the beautiful skin,

which was once all aglow.

It was a reminder of  the wound,

and of the numerous pains;

though these have elapsed but the scar remains.

Yes I have a scar – A physical scar.

I now like it because it is the witness to my perseverance,

of others’ sacrifices and of HIS omnipresence.

embedded in my skin like a permanent tatoo,

Giving same strength as other vital organs do.

Over the years it has become part of me,

Reminder of the gift which I got from THEE .

The scar is me, the scar is mine,

I don’t find it ugly any more;

It has brought the blessing of my life,

hidden in the stern countenance it wore.

On one hand it tells me I’m not special,

anything can happen with anyone , anytime.

On the other hand it reminds me how special I’m to God

He has given me one more chance to make my life sublime.

Isn’t it ironical?

The scar, the wale

that I was trying to get rid of,

has now become my survival tale.

Simply my thoughts,


Source : Also published on Momspresso 

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17 thoughts on “The Scar – Physical Scar”

  1. God, if I told u the amount of bones I have broken!!! I’ve a fair number of scars too. To me they are stories and reminders of how one survived!

  2. Scars can be motivators depending on how they were received. I know someone who calls her battle scars her darkest part of her life, but she is encouraged to move on away from those instances because of them. Others judge her by them though, and they always probably will.


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