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By priyanka kabra august 8, 2022

10 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Without Washing

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Your hands naturally produce oils, so stop touch your hair frequently.

2. Keep Your Hands Away

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Flip your hair over and blow dry your hair. The heat will soak up the sweat and add volume to the hair.

4. Blow Dry Your Hair

5. Apply Conditioner Properly

Condition your hair by applying conditioner from mid-length to the ends. Applying hair at roots can make them frizzy.

6. Keep Heat Styling to a Minimum

Using too much heat on our hair can cause damage and breakage.

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7. Accessorize Your Hair Like A Pro

8. Opt for a Deep Side Parting

A deep side parting, different from your daily parting of hair will give an instant bounce to your hair.

9. Use Baby Powder

Baby powder will absorb excess oil from your hair instantly and will make it super clean.

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10. Lemon Rinse

Lemons also help wipe out dandruff besides conditioning them. Your hair is going to look clean and feel fresh in no time.