Aug 27, 2022 Simply Myself

Midair, the engine cover of an Alaska Airlines aircraft slips off.

During an emergency landing, the engine cover of an Alaska Airlines plane entirely detached off the plane.

pic credit from video posted by @asminnow

The incident happened not soon after the San Diego-bound aircraft carrying more than 170 people took off from Seattle .

The plane was then rerouted to Seattle.

It was seen that a piece of the metal engine cowling, which is removable, was separating and flapping in the wind.

pic credit from video posted by @asminnow

A passenger appeared to have taken the video clip from the aeroplane window.

While posting the video, the passenger said, "We survived."

Airlines issued the following statement: "Soon after takeoff, Flight 558 noticed an odd vibration on the left side of the aircraft. The aircraft made a safe return to the airport."

According to the airlines, none of the six staff members and 176 passengers on board were hurt.

According to the airline, the two pilots flying the aircraft have a total expertise of more than 32 years.