How to  reduce stress naturally

by Priyanka Kabra 03.08.22

Listen to music

Music has tremendous power to heal the cells and even our emotions.



Spend time with a kid

Play with a kid, talk to him. You will forget all your worries instantly and feel charged up again.

Go for Walk


The essence of walking is in the change of environment which will help to change your mood too.

Head Massage

Take any natural stress-buster oil and give a pampering, slow and soft head massage.



Eat yummy food

Food changes mood. Then why not try with your favorite ones?

Breathe in slow and deep.  Your mind gets relieved of all the anxious thoughts.

 Deep breathing


Sometimes you simply need that one person who can listen to all your worries and never judge you.

Talk to someone


Count your blessings


When your mind is saying nothing good is happening with me, you are telling your mind how many reasons you have to be happy for.

Social comparison is one of the prime reasons for stress. Disconnecting from social media accounts for a while will help you a lot.

Disconnect from social media


Taking a shower not only cleanses the body but also calms our mind instantly.

Take a Shower


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