Can’t Sleep? 

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by Priyanka Kabra 01.08.22

Sleep deprivation can be due to Insomnia.

Besides short hours of sleep, other health problems gradually get associated with Insomnia. 

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Here are    tips which can help you sleep.




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In high anxiety levels it is important to calm down the body. Yoga and breathing exercises will help in relaxation.

Do Yoga &  Breathing Exerccises


Important Daytime Routine Tips

Do not make up for the sleep loss in the daytime. If it's essential, then take a nap of not more than half an hour in the daytime.

Relax in a bath

A study found that taking a hot bath about 90 minutes before bed could help people fall asleep more quickly.

Switch off your mobile, t.v. or any visual electronic equipment at least 1 hour before going to sleep.

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No coffee, tea or alcohol late in the evening.

Aroma Therapy

Using essential oils like sandalwood and Lavender are also said to help get good sleep.