Jennette McCurdy Revealed Why She Really Didn't Return For The "ICarly" Reboot

simply myself 11-08-2022

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This week, Jennette McCurdy released her book, I'm Glad My Mom Died, where she opens up about her experience as a child star.

Jennette came to fame playing Sam Puckett on iCarly, But for a reboot, she turned down the offer.

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In her book, Jennette explained why she decided not to do the iCarly reboot.

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she broke the news to her costar, Miranda Cosgrove.

Jennette claims she told her. "There’s nothing you can say to convince me."

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Miranda also said that "it's really good money", but Jennette felt that "there [were] things more important than money."

"And my mental health and happiness fall under that category,'" she remembered telling Miranda.

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Two seasons of the iCarly reboot later, it doesn't seem that Jennette has changed her mind about returning to the show.

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But she says that she's "open to the idea" of coming back to acting in general.

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