Health and fitness: the smart way through smart products

When we think about the History, one aspect of nature which always amazes us is the evolution of species in multitude. Every species has its own uniqueness, yet evolution adds to its specific characteristic, more adaptability, and survival advantage. Similar is the case with Technology. It has also evolved with every invention and advancement of science, with each impending necessity of man to enhance and upgrade his life.

Survival of the fittest was the rule then and so is now with the smart products.

With the availability and accessibility of so many smart products in the market, today one cannot even think of spending a day with ease without the aid of technology and please excuse me if I don’t agree with the people who call it dependence or paralyzed state. It is the result of multiple fertile and smart brains that have invented diversified smart products with a dream to make our abode a better world to live in.

With the installation of smart camera and by connecting it to your phone or computer, you can watch your elderly parents/grandparents having mobility issues or small kids at home and can even talk to them anytime.

Whether it be smart household appliances, smart wearable or security cameras, I have always analyzed these devices from the health point of view. Take, for instance, the use of Google speakers especially for the elderly, sick and people with vision defects. They will be able to do many micro tasks independently with a single command of their voice.

Overcoming a life-threatening condition of renal failure and struggling with the many side-effects of life-saving medicines, I can relate with the frustration of many who have to keep track of their daily health routine through logs. Here, Smart wearable, like fitness bands and smartwatches, not only act as aids to reduce the burden but can also prove to be the boon for the persons suffering from chronic diseases like CKD (chronic Kidney disease), CVD (cardiovascular disease) by tracking pulse rate, hourly activity and stationary time.

These smart devices helping in conditions like Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, and Parkinson’s disease by recording the quality of sleep, active and inactive time periods of the body automatically through biosensors. The invention of insulin pump and sensor is a life saver for the diabetes patients whose pancreas has ceased insulin production. The device can monitor the fluctuation of insulin in the body and automatically infuses the required dose.

From the stone age to the present world, the journey has been long but interesting and with the invention of smart products, we have transformed our world into a smart world: a world where technology plays an influential and vital role in providing better health to the people.

living a smart way,

Simply Priyanka

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