Myths for weight loss to bust right now

by Priyanka Kabra 29.08.22


Myth 1:  Cut carbs to lose weight

Carbs supply energy to the brain and body. We need to eat good carbs and avoid bad carbs.

Myth 2: Low-fat Diet is best for weight loss

Like carbs, fats can also be clubbed as good fats and bad fats. Good fats such as nuts. pure ghee are essential for overall health.

Myth 3:  Skipping meals and starving yourself will help you lose weight

It is better to eat at regular intervals than starving yourself.

Myth 4.  Exercise on an empty stomach to lose weight

Exercise on an empty stomach may cause vertigo. It is as a result of decreased blood sugar levels, which induce muscle loss

Myth 5:  Keep a count on your calories

Practically it is not possible to count every calorie you intake.

Myth 6: Supplements aid with weight loss

Do not fall for marketing tactics. Always consult a nutritionist before taking supplements.

Myth 7:  There are specific exercises to remove fat from a particular spot.

You can't target a specific body part without focussing on your whole body.

Myth 8: Detox diets are excellent.

Detox diet is useful only for short term. The fat will return after a short while.

Myth 9: It's Possible for Everyone.

Every body has different metabolism, and muscle mass. So the process and time period will not be same for all.

Myth 10: Zero-Calorie Sodas Are Better.

Weight gain is synonymous with soda. It typically contains a lot of calories and sugar.