Essential tips for Beauty & Skincare

by Priyanka Kabra 29.08.22


1: Use micellar water when washing your face isn't possible

2. Store your Moisturizer & Skincare products in the Refrigerator

3. Use your hands to apply makeup rather than expensive brushes.

5. Cut open containers to remove the final, miniscule quantities of expensive products

6. Revive dried-out mascara with warm water.

6. Revive dried-out mascara with warm water.

7. Apply moisturiser liberally.

Skin produces more oil when moisturiser is skipped.

8. Remove your makeup every night before going to sleep.

9. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

10. Clean your makeup brushes more frequently

11. Spray hairspray on bobby pins for improved grip

12. Keep your skincare regime simple.

cleansing,  applying sunscreen, and then moisturizing is the simplest and most effective procedure.