Mudra Therapy for sleep

With Simply Myself - Priyanka Kabra  02.08.22 

 Human body is made up of 5 universal elements viz- Sky, Earth, Fire, Water, and air. Our five fingers represent these universal elements.

By making different gestures of hands and fingers, we can balance the five elements and can prevent any disease.

Here are the    most important mudras beneficial for sleep.


1. Gyan Mudra

It is the principle mudra used by Yogis for thousands of years to bring peace of mind, concentration and spiritual progress.

Also known as ‘Energy Bank’, this mudra enhances the vital life force of our body.  Do it along with Gyan mudra to bring in sleep.

2. Pran Mudra

3. Shakti Mudra

Fights psychological stress and relaxes the body to induce sleep.

Aadi means first or primal. This mudra reduces snoring and thus brings in good sleep.

4. Aadi Mudra

5. Matangi Mudra

The main function of this mudra is strengthening our Solar plexus, the chakra associated with calmness and clarity of mind bringing in sound sleep.