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How To Cure Insomnia Through Mudra Therapy

It is said that “Our health is in our hands” – and Mudra Therapy proves this statement true. This therapy is based on making different postures with hands which helps in curing various diseases.
This article may prove a boon for those who suffer from the problem of sleeplessness and searching for some natural remedies to get sound sleep. Let’s find out how we can cure Insomnia through Mudra therapy.


Hasta mudra is based on the philosophy that the human body is made up of 5 universal elements viz- Sky, Earth, Fire, Water, and air. our five fingers represent these universal elements.


Thumb represents Agni or Fire.

The index finger represents Vayu or air.

Middle finger represents Aakash or space.

Ring finger represents Prithvi or Earth.

Little finger represents jal or water.


These core elements are present in our body in different combinations in the form of Vaat, Pitta, and kaph.

Vaat – Air and space

Pitta –Fire, and water

Kaph – Earth and water

All the diseases originate due to the imbalance of these elements. Mudra science says that by making different gestures and alignments of hands and fingers, we can balance the five elements and can cure or prevent any disease.


Following are the 5 most important mudras beneficial for sleep. Besides improving the quality of sleep, these mudras have a lot of other benefits too which are also stated in short. Hope it helps.

1.    GYAN MUDRA :

You must have seen people using Gyan mudra (or chin mudra) while performing meditation. It is the principle mudra used by Yogis for thousands of years to bring peace of mind, concentration and spiritual progress. This is also the simplest form of mudra clearly indicating the truth of three S’- simple, small, and significant.



Touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb. Keep other three fingers straight.


  •     If practiced regularly, it prevents Insomnia.
  •     Increases concentration and memory power.
  •     Cures headache
  •     Helps in releasing pain from lower body parts.

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2.    PRAN MUDRA :

Also known as ‘Energy Bank’, this mudra enhances the vital life force of our body.



Join the tips of your little and ring fingers with the tip of your thumb. The other two fingers should be stretched straight.


  •    Do it along with Gyan mudra to bring in sleep.
  •    Beneficial in eye diseases, vitamin deficiency, and fatigue.
  •    It strengthens the immune system of the body.
  •    Brings a glow to eyes, face, and skin.
  • This is also a beneficial mudra for heart attack prevention.

3.    AADI MUDRA :

Have you noticed what’s the position of the hands, fingers, and thumb of a child when it takes birth? How the fingers are loosely folded to cover the thumb! This position or gesture is Aadi mudra. Aadi means first or primal. This mudra is often done while meditating.



Touch the tip of your thumb to the root of the little finger and wrap all the fingers over the thumb to cover it. Put both the palms in this position over the thighs in the upward position. Concentrate on your breath.


  •    reduces snoring and thus brings in good sleep.
  •     Also relaxes nerves, nervous system and brain.
  •     Increases the flow of oxygen in the brain.


The main function of this mudra is strengthening our Solar plexus. You must be wondering how can this benefit our sleep?


The human body is very complex and the most amazing fact about our body parts is that their functions and efficiencies are interdependent.

Coming back to the mudras, Solar Plexus is a chakra among the seven chakras of our body. Though the chakras are not actually located in our gross body(misinterpreted by most western countries) but in the subtle body, we can give it a location to understand where the source of its energy lies and also where to place our hands.

The Solar Plexus is located just above our belly, near the diaphragm. Its main function is to strengthen the mental ability and bring clarity of mind.

As the quality of sleep is directly related to the calmness and clarity of mind, it must be quite clear to you why strengthening of this chakra is important for a sound sleep.



Join your palms in a Namaste mudra. Then clasp the fingers of both the hands against each other, resting the tips on the back of the palm. keep the middle fingers raised, The middle fingers must touch each other pointing upwards. Place the hands in this position near your solar plexus for 4 to 5 minutes.


  •     Helps in the restless leg syndrome.
  •     Strengthens the solar plexus, hence mitigates the problems arising from the imbalance of this chakra.
  •     Brings peace of mind and reduces tension and anxiety.
  •     Relieves pain in the abdomen area.
  •     Helps the digestive organs.


Shakti mudra (or shakti Chalan mudra), as the name suggests, is practiced to enhance the shakti or inner strength in you. This hasta mudra is associated with immunity, stress,  mental and physical stability.



Join little fingers and the ring fingers of both hands.

Bend the thumb over the palm.

Fold the middle finger and the index finger loosely over the thumb.

This should be done in both the hands.


  •   The biggest benefit is curing Insomnia.
  •     It helps to strengthen the immunity power of our body.]
  • This mudra strengthens the organs near the pelvic area.
  •     Regular practice of this mudra enhances the power of svadishthan (Sacral) chakra.
  • Fights psychological stress and relaxes the body.
  • Helps in intestinal cramps.
  •   Helps in menstrual disorders.

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Insomnia is said to be incurable but in my view there are some amazing natural remedies available in this world which can do the impossible. The only requisite from our side is alertness, patience and dedication. Let’s cure Insomnia through Mudra Therapy.

In that good hope,


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  1. I know these mudras. I used to do yoga before. I am not following it anymore. I only practice Gyan mudra with yoga. I do fight with insomnia issues often, maybe sooner I will start these above-mentioned mudras 🙂

  2. This was definitely an interesting read. I see many client who are manic or extremely anxious and do not receive the sleep they need. Ill be sure to pass this information along.

  3. I had heard only about Gyan Mudra. Thanks for sharing all these with us and also with their relevance. I’m going to try to implement these in my daily life!

  4. I recently started using mudras in my yoga practice and in everyday life.

    I even convinced my very sceptical partner to use them for his headaches and he was so impressed that it ‘actually worked.

    Will be book marking this post for reference 🙂

  5. i’m going to use some of these! I’ve never heard that insomnia is “incurable” like you say is said out there. I’ve learned about many many people who have cured their insomnia. It’s not like some fatal disease. Of course you can fix it. Don’t know where you heard that.


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Mudra Therapy for Sleep
Mudra Therapy for Sleep