Different Types of Nail-shapes

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Square Nails

Square nails are typically seen as stylish and clean but also low-maintenance

Square oval — or squoval — or the soft square, is another popular choice for nail shapes. It is easier to manage because of its rounded edges.

Squoval Nails

This is a classic shape. This shape truly look brilliant with any shade of polish.


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Round Nails

Oval nails are filed down on the sides in addition to the tips. The curvature is more extreme, so it tends to make fingers look a little longer.

Oval Nails

Almond Nails

This super glamorous nail shape is much like the oval shape, except that it’s a little more pointed at the top.

Stiletto Nails

This is one of the most striking nail shapes you can opt for. Stiletto nails are all about the drama.

The shape is essentially the same as a stiletto nail but with a square tip instead of a pointed tip — resembling the shape of a ballerina slipper

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Ballerina Nails