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When you are destined to be extraordinary, Normal is overrated


She was lying on the hospital bed, her right hand stretched out and a pair of thick needles with catheter inserted into her surgically created arteriovenous fistula. The incessant peeping sound of the dialysis machine made her nauseated.

Jhanvi was gazing at the roof with bleared visage. She was just 21. How would a girl,with so many aspirations and passion in her heart ,feel when suddenly one day she gets the news that both her kidneys have failed? Jhanvi was going through the same pain. Not only that, but her 1 year old marriage was also at stake now.

None of her in-laws were there with her..not even her husband when she needed him the most.

“I will never leave you what come may. I would be your pillar of strength”, she murmured to herself the words which had been said to her on the first day of their marriage. “Ha! It was all fake. Everyone is selfish in this world. Not everyone passes the test of time.” She winced and looked at the catheter tube which carried blood from her vein to the dialysis machine for purification. She turned her head to the other side. She just could not bear this sight. To her left, her mother was sitting on a chair. Tired, tense, sad, still having a dull smile on her face. Jhanvi knew this smile was put up just for her, to make her feel good.

She could not help but ask her mother, “Why me ,Ma? What have I done to deserve this? Why can’t I lead a normal life? Just when I hoped to kickstart my boutique business, you got me married. It was my foremost desire to become a fashion designer.” Her mother was listening silently. “All my awards in academics, my best designer degree of fashion academy went in vain. And now when I was thinking of settling in my married life , my kidneys failed! Why can’t my life be like an ordinary person’s ?”

“Because you are destined to do something extra ordinary”, a voice came from her right. Jhanvi turned to see a young charming lady standing at the door with a charismatic smile.

“Dr. Rama? Hi doctor. How are you?”

“Well. This is what makes you extra ordinary Jhanvi. See, you are on bed and you are asking me how I am. This can only be said by a strong lady like you.” She continued, ” You don’t know your strength dear, but others can see.”

Jhanvi closed her eyes and gave a pained smile.

“Hmm.. just one more hour and your dialysis is done” Dr. Rama said.

“It’s not going to be over so soon ma’am”

“okay now… listen.. look at me.” Jhanvi opened her eyes. Dr. Rama was looking straight into her eyes. She said, “Everyone has to face problems in his or her life. Some problems are small and some are big. But every hardship has the capability to change a person. Now this depends upon you , whether you would change for better or worse. Just accept the truth Jhanvi. You will have to go through 100 more dialysis sessions, then the pain of kidney transplant will come. Now this is upon you.. whether you want to give your hand with a smile or with sorrow.”

Jhanvi was listening as if she was hypnotized. Each and every word of Dr. Rama was getting absorbed by her soul. “Mark my words Jhanvi,” Dr. Rama said, “You are bigger than your problems. You are much stronger than your pain. After few years when you will think about this phase of your life, it will leave a beautiful smile on your face. Because this phase of your life is going to be the most inspiring milestone. Thank your God that he has chosen you to come out of the normal path and be an inspiration to others. Show all how to live life to the fullest.”


The ringtone of the phone distracted Jhanvi from her musings. She looked at the phone. An unknown number. She looked at the clock beside her. It was 2:00 p.m.

She picked up the phone. “Hello . Am I speaking to miss Jhanvi Maheshwari?”

“yes. May I know who is this?”

“Good afternoon madam. I am Subir Mehta from Mindset magazine, India’s most renowned social magazine. Our Editorial team has nominated you for the most inspirational woman of the year for the numerous work you have been doing in various fields. You are one of the most inspiring professors , motivational speaker, Philanthropist , one of the top fashion designers and have inspired so many young women to come out of the shell and live their life on their own terms with self-respect . We are looking forward  to have you on the show ma’am.”

“Okay. I will come. Thank you so much for the nomination and invitation.”

She put the phone down with a smile on her face. It was a placid one.

She looked at the calendar. 12th jan 2017. It has been exactly 14 years since her kidney transplant. Words of Dr. Rama still rang in her ears…The most encouraging and life changing words…

“After few years when you will think about this phase of your life, it will leave a beautiful smile on your face.”

She took her phone and messaged Dr. Rama.

Thank you Dr. Really… Normal is overrated.

Written n felt by,

Priyanka Kabra.

Source : originally published in women’s web

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24 thoughts on “When you are destined to be extraordinary, Normal is overrated”

  1. This made me emotional, in life we face so many difficulties and end up thinking that we will not be able to make it but if we put our minds to it and believe in ourselves everything goes just the way we imagined it. We create our reality.

  2. Sometimes we need a reminder of how strong we are and what we can achieve. When we are sick and in pain it’s hard to think positive unfortunately.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story – I could feel her heartache when she was on dialysis; what an inspiration Doctor she had! I’m so happy it all turned out well!

  4. Sometimes things look really big when you are going through it. Once you are past it and look back, it may not look that bad! Lovely write up.

  5. I enjoyed and appreciated your short story (or is it real life?). Sometimes there is a moment that is the tipping point that leads to the change that you want and need in your life. Just a little nudge in the right direction. And it is always good to remember where that nudge came from to give it the recognition and appreciation it deserves.

  6. This is very inspiring, yes sometimes we forget that we are stronger than we think and can face anything that is infront of us. But there are times when you are going to difficulties in life, it feel like the world just stop and there is nowhere else to go. Great post here and very inspiring to everyone.

  7. Wow, what an awesome read! It was beautifully written, and I love the message. I even put the quotes on my notes already, “You are bigger than your problems. You are much stronger than your pain”. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. This is a beautiful story and soo inspiring! I’m glad the transplant went well and that she’s able to look back after so many years and still remember this wonderful phrase! Amazing


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